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About Barrie

Metal Sculptures for Home and Garden - Barrie Darling - Ferrous Nasties Although I started out in engineering I soon migrated to forestry, felling timber and from there to the sawmill, cutting English hard woods, in it's myriad forms to satisfy the complex requirements of; oak timber framers, boat builders, cabinet makers and a variety of trades to numerous to mention.

Throughout my career I have maintained a small workshop, not only to maintain and innovate saw milling equipment, but also as 'therapy' to satisfy my passion to create . To utilise the materials and reflect the natural forms that surround me I have enjoyed the challenge of past commissions with an emphasis on the use of recycled material and greatly admire sculptures in a similar vein.

They do , however , present serious limitations:
  • Their inconsistent results
  • Fragile nature
  • They are labour intensive & therefore disproportionately expensive
  • Difficult if not impossible to achieve the quality of finish I require.

In order to resolve these issues I have gone back to the drawing board the result is Woodlouse.
It marks a landmark in design and production for me . Watch this space!