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...for the Garden or in the Home

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Woodlouse Sculptures and other Insect Sculptures...

We supply tactile metal insect sculptures that look great in the house and garden in various colours...

What are Ferrous Nasties?

Ferrous (fe-ros), a . [f . L . ferrum iron ] pertaining to containing iron.
Nasties (na-sti), n . [origin unkn.] colloquial Scottish slang. insect, creepy-crawly.

The challenge; To reflect the myriad, complex forms of natures creatures
To produce a tactile sculpture with real presence, employing economy of line and form, crafted from hot finished steel.
Solidly built to endure.

Free standing, as Wall art, garden sculpture, an excellent educational resource.
Allow the unique natural patina of hot finished steel to change with time or make use of a huge range of finishes.